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Volume 7 – Number 4

A quantitative evaluation of health care system in US, China and Sweden Qixin Wang, Menghui Li, Hualong Zu, Mingyi Gao, Chenghua Cao, Li Charlie Xia An […]

Volume 7 – Number 3

Application of cavalieri principle in patients with chronic subdural hematoma using ct scanning images Ayhan Saritas, Serdar Colakoglu, Ahmet Ferruh Gezen, Ozlem Bilir, Osman Akgul, Gokhan […]

Volume 7 – Number 2

Impaired movements in 6-OHDA induced Parkinson’s rat model improves by pomegranate seed hydroalcoholic extract Alireza Sarkaki, Fatemeh Norooz Zare, Yaghoub Farbood, Ali Asghar Pileverian Evaluation of […]

Volume 7 – Number 1

Alarmingly high metabolic syndrome prevalence in Hatay region of Turkey Ihsan Ustun, Cumali Gokce, Kursat Gundogan, Vedia Tonyukuk Gedik, Ahmet Kaya, Fahri Bayram, Nazan Savas Evaluation […]

Volume 6 – Number 12

The differences in cerebral oxygenation among patients undergoing thyroidectomy in different positions and comparison of their effects on nausea-vomiting Haci Yusuf Gunes, Ugur Goktas, Ismail Kati, […]

Volume 6 – Number 11

An elicited relaxation response study on phalange temperature in guided devoutness-based islamic prayer performed among female college students Wang Jing, Muhanmmad Nubli Abdul Wahab, Gu Ming, […]

Volume 6 – Number 10

Basic assistance for mental health in Northeast Brazil Modesto Leite Rolim Neto, Alberto Olavo Advincula Reis, José Cezario de Almeida, Nadia Nara Rolim Lima, Saulo Araújo […]

Volume 6 – Number 9

Comparison of side effects and marital satisfaction between the women taking Cyclofem and Depo Medroxyprogesteron contraceptive ampoules Maryam Gholamitabar Tabari, Esmaeilzadeh Sedigheh, Ali Bijani, Leily Moslemi […]

Volume 6 – Number 8

Efficacy and tolerability of miconazole nitrate ovules in pregnants with vaginal candidiasis Ahmet Uysal, Cuneyt Eftal Taner, Semih Mun, Murat Oztekin An assessment of emergency and […]

Volume 6 – Number 7

Evaluation of the relation between quality of sleep and anxiety among university students Ozlem Orsal, Ozgul Orsal, Guler Balci Alparslan, Alaettin Unsal The relationship between physical […]

Volume 6 – Number 6

Body composition measurements determined by airdisplacement plethysmography and eight-polar bioelectrical impedance analysis are equivalent in African American college students Wi-Young So, Brenda Swearingin, Brandon Crooms, Rami […]

Volume 6 – Number 5

Dimension coefficient yielded by Rasch model to measure scale validity: An example using the patient experience diagnostic tool for England hospitals Tsair-Wei Chien, Wen-Chung Wang, Ming-Ting […]