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Volume 6 – Number 6

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Body composition measurements determined by airdisplacement plethysmography and eight-polar bioelectrical impedance analysis are equivalent in African American college students

Wi-Young So, Brenda Swearingin, Brandon Crooms, Rami Lee, Yunjung Choi, Teresa K. Dail, Deana Melton, Tiffany M. Fuller, Chang-Ho Ha

An analysis of children’s thoughts about the nursing profession using the method of having children draw pictures

Nejla Canbulat, Ayşe Sonay Kurt, Serap Balci, Seda Kara

Good Pediatric Nurse’ Characteristics In According To Student Nurses

Nursan Cinar, Insaf Altun

First records of Ornithodoros sp. soft ticks from an endemic relapsing fever region in Northern Iran

A.A. Enayati, F. Asgarian, A. Amouei, B. Esfandiari, M. Oshaghi, J. Hemingway, P.J. McCall

Cisplatin-induced nephrotoxicity in different regimens of cancer chemotherapy

Furqan Khurshid Hashmi, Khalid Hussain, Muhammad Islam, Muzammil Ali, Muhammad Khalid Tipu, Muhammad Tanveer Khan, Abida Latif

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) symptoms and Adult ADHD Diagnosis in adult men with cannabis dependence

Umut Mert Aksoy, Sennur Gunay Aksoy, Abdullah Akpinar, Fulya Maner

Quality of Care by Good Medical Records Documentation in Educational Hospitals

Kobra Aligolbandi, Azita Bala Ghafari, Hasan Siamian

Physical activity levels of teachers and health professionals in Turkey

Atan T, Tural E, Imamoglu O, Cicek G, Tural S

Extracellular signal-regulated kinase1/2 signalling pathway regulate the secretions of human bronchial smooth muscle cells passively sensitized by asthmatic serum

Min Xie, Xian-Sheng Liu, Yong-Jian Xu, Zhen-Xiang Zhang

Determining The Needs Of The Families That Have a Patient In The Pediatric Intensive Care Unit And Analyzing Characteristics Of These Families

Birsen Altay, Demet Gonener, Nurse Seher Zengin, Bilge Bal Ozkaptan

Factors affecting efficiency of social security hospitals in Iran: Data Envelopment Analysis

Nahid Hatam, Kimia Pourmohammadi, Ali Keshtkaran, Mehdi Javanbakht, Mehrdad Askarian

The relationship between basal metabolic rate, lean body mass and femurs bone mineral density of national level basketball players of India

Behrooz Imeri, D. K. Dureha

Behaviors of students towards safety measures to prevent school accidents

Hande Sahin, Sibel Erkal

Effects of 12 weeks of combined exercise on the levels of visfatin, resistin, and metabolism-related hormones in a sample of Korean obese female college students

Chang-Ho Ha, Wi-Young So

Survey of disaster preparedness of hospitals at Shiraz University of Medical science, Iran

Seyed Habibollah Kavari, Hossein Mobaraki

Elazığ Başyurt Earthquake: Experiences on the Earthquake

Mustafa Yildiz, Mehtap Gurger, Mustafa Sahan, Umut Gulacti, Tamer Gundogdu, Mehmet Nuri Bozdemir, Sukru Gurbuz, Mehmet Ayranci, Mehmet Cagri Goktekin

Effects of Combination Therapy of Dexamethasone and Fluoxetine on Levels of Interleukin-1β and Interleukin-6 in a Rat Model of Asthma with Depressive-like Behaviors

Chengde Li, Shumei Mao, Yuliang Wang, Hongwei Sun

Difference in the heart rate and the blood lactate level in football and hanball female players during the Conconi test

Ivana Mladenovic Ciric, Slobodan Stojiljkovic, Ljiljana Bjelakovic, Maja Nikolic, Slavisa Djurdjevic, Danica Pirsl

Clinicopathologic Features and Risk Factors for Breast Cancer in Northern Iran Decent

Nasrin Rahmani, Seyyed Abbas Hashemi, Mohammad Raisian

The relationship of subjective global assessment with respiratory function and other nutrition parameters in COPD

Nalan Hakime Nogay

FI-CGA Score of old people by community based Information system

F. Teymoori, D. Mousavi, J. Demongeot, A Biglarian, M. Sarmadi, M. Shirazikhah

Does Nutrition Knowledge Change Nutrition Behavior?

Asli Ucar, Yahya Ozdogan, Ayse Ozfer Ozcelık

The clinical characteristics of fungal bloodstream infection in premature infants 37 cases

Shaodong Hua, Zhixin Wu, Xiuxiang Liu, Zhichun Feng

Postpartum Depression Among Working and Non-working Women in Denizli, Turkey

Gonul Ozgur, Senay Unsal Atan, Melek Ardahan

The Effects of Supplemental Iron on Educational Achievements of Students with “Iron Deficiency without Anemia”: A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Trial

Alireza Moafi, Soheila Rahgozar, Maryam Hajian, Majid Ghias, Najmeh Ghorbani, Akbar Hassanzadeh

Effects of facet joint nerve block addition to radiofrequency in the treatment of low back pain

Cevdet Duger, Iclal Ozdemir Kol, Kenan Kaygusuz, Sinan Gursoy, Caner Mimaroglu

Physical, financial unmet needs and coping in cancer patients

Fathollahbeigy F., Zamanian H., Karbasi Motlagh M., Enjedani E., Dastan M., Beheshtee M., Nochamani Zare M., Safaeefar M.

Serum fgl2 levels elevated in patients with acute coronary syndrome (ACS)

Zhenzhong Zheng, Junfeng Zhan, Yanglong Zhang, Yunfeng Wei, Menghong Wang, Zeqi Zheng, Jintian Peng

Accuracy Of References In Eight Nursing Journal

Zuhal Bahar, Ayse Beser, Ayfer Elcigil, Ozgul Karayurt, Fatma Vural, Ozlem Ugur, Ozlem Kucukguclu

Illegal drug self-poisoning induced death; Referred or not referred to Health system in Mashhad, Iran 2004-2007

Khaki M, Afshari R, Zavar A, Alidoust M

Evaluation of alexithymic features of rheumatoid arthritis patients based on certain variables in Turkey

Sevilay Hintistan, Nesrin Nural, İlknur Kahriman, Dilek Cilingir

The Anti-oxidants status and lipid peroxidation product of newly diagnosed and three-weeks follow up patients with pulmonary tuberculosis

Ivana Stankovic, Slavica Golubovic, Tatjana Pejcic, Milan Radovic, Zorica Ciric

The effect of oral fluid food support during labor on labor duration and perception of labor pains

Sule Ergol, Kafiye Eroglu, Lale Taskin

Using Project Management as a Way to Excellence in Healthcare

Vladimir Obradovic, Petar Jovanovic, Nenad Djordjevic, Ivana Beric, Filip Jovanovic

The level of adenosine deaminase in the serum of patients who have positive Entamoeba coli

Tugba Raika Kiran, Ulku Karaman, Cemil Colak, Ali Ozer

The estimation of oncological value of selective neck dissection in cervicofacial region tumors

Aleksandar Trivic, Sanja Krejovic Trivic, Anton Mikic, Vojko Djukic, Jovica Milovanovic, Zeljko Petrovic

Validity and reliability of lung cancer quality of life Questionnaire from European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC QLQ – LC13) in Iran

Karbasi Motlagh M., Enjedani E., Zamanian H., Fathollahbeigy F., Kiayee N., Aghaie Meibodi F., Beheshtee M.

Health care and rehabilitation in breast cancer patients

Sanja Tomic, Svetlana Popovic-Petrovic, Dragana Milutinovic, Vasa Petrovic

Wilms tumor gene (WT1) protein expression in epithelial ovarian cancer

Biljana Djordjevic, Predrag Vukomanovic, Simonida Stojanovic, Ljubinka Jankovic Velickovic

True hyperkalaemia or pseudohyperkalaemia in a trauma patient after nephrectomy-differential diagnosis algorithm

Arsen Uvelin, Radmila Kolak, Vladimir Vrsajkov, Danica Hajdukovic, Ivanka Percic

Characteristics of fundamental laryngeal voice (f0) in developmental verbal apraxia

Vivien Djordjevic & Slavica Golubovic

Anaerobic threshold determination by direct blood lactate measurement with and without warm up protocol in female athletes

Ivana Mladenovic Ciric, Slobodan Stojiljkovic, Natalija Stefanovic, Slavisa Djurdjevic, Ljiljana Bjelakovic, Danica Pirsl

Stand-alone posterior ressection of lumbar hemivertebrae: case report

Luciano M. R. Rodrigues, Adriano M. Yonezaki, Fabrício H. Ueno, Edgar S. Valesin, Luiz Carlos de Abreu, Vitor E. Valenti, Guilherme A. Foizer, Carlo Milani

Clinical presentation of hospitalized Erysipelas cases

Branka Tomasev, Dejan Cvjetkovic, Ivana Hrnjakovic Cvjetkovic, Jovana Jovanovic, Sandra Stefan Mikic, Sinisa Sevic

Team Effectiveness in Hospital Management: A literature Review

Davoud Adham, Bahram Delghoshaei, Seyedin Seyed Hesam, Masoud Salehi

The Effects of Physical Exercise on Reducing Body Weight and Body Composition of Obese Middle Aged People. A Systematic review

Zoran Milanovic, Sasa Pantelic, Nebojsa Trajkovic, Goran Sporis, Marko Aleksandrovic

Use of complementary and alternative medicine in cardiovascular diseases: a literature review

Ilkay Ozkan Arslan, Zeynep Canli Ozer, Ozen Kulakac

The Development of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation in Vojvodina

Gordana Devecerski, Dusica Simic

Pregnancy and delivery after the breast carcinoma: is it possible?

Zorica Grujic, Mirjana Bogavac, Aleksandar Curcic, Aleksandra Nikolic

Renal artery stenosis in a solitary functioning kidney – case report

Edita Stokic, Ivana Bajkin, Slobodan Curic, Viktor Till, Sanja Stojanovic, Dragan Sagic, Dragana Tomic-Naglic

Quality of life in students of University of Sarajevo in accordance to recommendations for lifestyle modification

Zana Pozderac

Causes and differences in stress experience between doctors and nurses/medical technicians employed in Bureau of Emergency Medical Services of Canton Sarajevo

Vedran Djido, Redzo Causevic, Aida Ramic-Catak, Gordana Manic

SY level of amputation/versus CH chopart level dilemmas

Sahib Muminagic, Faruk Hodzic, Oruc M.

Angiographic evaluation of the dominance patterns of coronary circulation

Aida Hasanovic, Belma Ascic-Buturovic

Is Hyperprolactinemia a risk factor for Pulmonary Thromboembolism (PTE) in patients treated with Antipsychotic Drugs?

Saida Fisekovic, Damir Celik