Volume 12 – Number 1
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Volume 12 – Number 2

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The effects of BMI on health-related physical fitness components in secondary school children
(15–17 years)

Gerrit J. Breukelman, Lourens Millard, Gerlize De Klerk

Assessment of complications between two surgical treatments of pelvic organ prolapse:
vaginoplasty and mesh implant

Hana Hastor, Dzevad Dzanic, Gavrankapetanovic Fatima, Ljuca Dzenita

Prospective single-center clinical study of GelcoPEP, a new multifunctional hydrolyzed
collagen type I

Bianca Souza Bagatela, Ana Elisa Selingardi, Gislene Vicentin, Andrey Pereira Lopes

The effect of dyspnea on quality of life in patients with chronic opstructive lung disease
Prospective control study

Suvad Dedic, Nurka Pranjic, Sefika Umihanic, Dzenan Halilovic, Mirnes Avdic

Superior mesenteric artery syndrome: Case Report

Willer Everton Feitosa Meneses, Jucier Gonçalves Junior, Lasaro Andre Leite Costa,
Roberto de Souza Mendonca