Volume 9 – Number 2
Volume 9 – Number 4

Volume 9 – Number 3

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Therapeutic management of Visceral Leishmaniasis in children: a systematic review

Claudio Gleidiston Lima da Silva, Ana Carolina Lima Pinheiro Sobreira, Filipe Bezerra Macedo, Antonio Gilvan Teixeira Junior, Victor Hugo Goncalves Lopes, Maria do Socorro Vieira dos Santos, Modesto Leite Rolim-Neto, Bianca Bianco

Serum Calcium, Magnesium and Iron Levels and Their Relation to Bone Mineral Density in Postmenopausal Women from Kosovo

Elton Bahtiri, Hilmi Islami, Rexhep Hoxha, Hasime Qorraj-Bytyqi

Application of p-value from statistical normality tests in RR intervals for short recordings

Vitor E. Valenti, Marco A. Cardoso, Letícia S. de Oliveira, Patricia S. G. Moreira, Joice A. T. Amaral, Celso Ferreira, Rodrigo D. Raimundo, Rayana L. Gomes, Luiz Carlos de Abreu

Evaluation of the competence of residents at department of anesthesiology in the assesment of difficult airways and in the recognition and use of difficult airway devices

Elmas Kara, Ismail Aydin Erden, Banu Ayhan, Sennur Uzun, Ulku Aypar

Depression and physical disability, their influence in quality of life in patients with multiple sclerosis – which factor has greater influence?

Nexhat Shatri, Nazim Dakaj, Petrit Bara, Kamber Zeqiraj

Intubation with flexible bronchoscope and surgical resection of a post-tracheostomy stenosis

Amina Selimovic , Walter Klepetko, Thomas Schweiger, Konrad Hoetzenecker, Ermina Mujicic, Senka Mesihovic Dinarevic, Safet Guska, Alen Pilav, Amir Rekic, Hilmi Kacamakovic, Mahir Moro, Azra Kudumovic, Mensura Kudumovic, Ahmed Katica

Impact of Inhaled Corticosteroids on Emergency Department visits and hospitalization Rates of Children with Persistent Asthma

Fatemeh Behmanesh, Sepideh Bagheri, Fatemeh Ghane Sharbaf, Farid Reza Edjlali, Mohammad Hadi Fooladi