Volume 13 – Number 2
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Volume 13 – Number 3

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Prevalence of infestations caused by certain parasite species in pre-school and
school children in the area of the Pristina region

Shpresa Ramadani, Sadeta Hamzic

Cytogenetic properties of novel immunomodulator met-enkephalin/tridecactide in
comparation with pulse treatment of relapse in relapse remitting multiple sclerosis

Lejla Burnazovic-Ristic, Maida Rakanovic-Todic, Mirela Mackic-Djurovic, Sanita Maleskic-Kapo,
Enra Mehmedika-Suljic, Aida Kulo Cesic, Jasna Kusturica, Nedzad Mulabegovic

The science behind Corps Lignea Celulift: an evidence-based review on its mechanism of action
Bianca Souza Bagatela , Lucia Carrito Cascais, Andrey Pereira Lopes

Urgent treatment to reduce mortality caused by sepsis in intensive care units
Amela Katica-Mulalic, Arijana Horman-Leventa, Lejla Tafro, Zenaida Dedovic, Selma Gicic, Belma Pasic-Torlak, Vildana Causevic

A technical-scientific review of Laminê: the first branded mix of the Brazilian dietary
supplements market

Andrey Pereira Lopes, Bianca Souza Bagatela