Volume 11 – Number 2

A step-by-step structured medication counseling approach for asthmatic patients Alotaiby Meshal, Azmi Sarriff, Sulaiman Mohammed Alnasser, Mousa Mohamed Elshamly Correlations between Amniotic Fluid Index and others […]

Volume 11 – Number 1

The use of emergency department services for non-emergency conditions Ali Arhami Dolatabadi, Marzieh Maleki,Elham Memary, Hamid Kariman, Majid Shojaee,Alireza Baratloo Human Capital in Healthcare Institutions: the […]

Volume 10 – Number 4

Examining Of The Relationship Between Waist To Height Ratio, The Dietary Habits And Body Mass Index (BMI) Of Students In A Vocational Health High School Rabia […]

Volume 9 – Number 12

Relationship between unilateraly localized brain MRI lesions and interictal EEG findings in children with Epilepsies Smail Zubcevic, Maja Milos, Feriha Catibusic, Sajra Uzicanin Assessment of quality […]